How Can You Conserve Plants?

Keep indoor plants in the house, they can lessen indoor air pollution. Compost your leaf waste to avoid use of chemical fertilisers. Do not present flower bouquets. Instead, give a potted plant and encourage your friends to grow plants.

How can you conserve plants?

Keep indoor plants in the house, they can lessen indoor air pollution. Compost your leaf waste to avoid use of chemical fertilisers. Do not present flower bouquets. Instead, give a potted plant and encourage your friends to grow plants.

What are the benefits of plants?

Benefits of plants

  • Lowers levels of anxiety. Constantly seeing and being around plants helps people feel more calm and relaxed, thus decreasing levels of anxiety.
  • Increases attentiveness and memory.
  • Increases productivity.
  • Reduces stress levels and boosts mood.
  • Sparks creativity.

How plants protect our environment?

They release oxygen into the atmosphere, absorb carbon dioxide, provide habitat and food for wildlife and humans, and regulate the water cycle . Because of the many ways plants help the environment, their importance should not be forgotten.

What is salary after BTech?

Average salary for a B Tech Engineer in India is 2.4 Lakhs per year (₹20.0k per month).

How can we avoid negative marking in exams?

Steps to Avoid Negative Marks

  1. Tips to avoid negative marks in competitive exams.
  2. Don't attempt the questions you are not sure about.
  3. Make sure to read the questions carefully.
  4. Concentrate on the easier questions first.
  5. Do not make random guesses.
  6. Practice more.
  7. Avoid last minute answering.

What is reference in C++ MCQ?

Explanation: References are an alias/another name for a variable whereas pointer stores the address of a variable. Pointers need to be deference before use whereas references need not.

What is defined by mass?

Mass is the quantity of matter in a physical body. It is also a measure of the body's inertia, the resistance to acceleration (change of velocity) when a net force is applied. An object's mass also determines the strength of its gravitational attraction to other bodies. The SI base unit of mass is the kilogram (kg).

How do you write co2 in PowerPoint?

Apply superscript or subscript formatting to text

  1. Select the character that you want to format as superscript or subscript.
  2. On the Home tab, in the Font group, pick the Font Dialog Box Launcher.
  3. On the Font tab, under Effects, select the Superscript or Subscript check box.

Is polyphase the same as 3 phase?

The polyphase system may be a two-phase system, three-phase system or six-phase system. But mainly the three-phase system is used for all practical purposes. So, whenever the term Polyphase is used, it means a Three Phase System unless it is mentioned otherwise.

What are the 4 measure of central tendency?

The four measures of central tendency are mean, median, mode and the midrange.

What is as packaged VS as prepared?

The packaged value tells you how many calories in the food before you cook it. Prepared values include ingredients needed to cook a food.

What are examples of redox reactions?

The formation of hydrogen fluoride is an example of a redox reaction. Another example of a redox reaction is the formation of hydrogen fluoride. We can break the reaction down to analyze the oxidation and reduction of reactants. The hydrogen is oxidized and loses two electrons, so each hydrogen becomes positive.

Why is reactive power not useful?

Similarly, reactive-power production can limit a generator's real-power capability. Third, moving reactive power on the transmission system incurs real-power losses. Both capacity and energy must be supplied to replace these losses. Voltage control is complicated by two additional factors.

How many steps are there in analyzing an argument?

1) Steps for Analyzing the Argument: 2) Read the argument and instructions carefully. 3) Identify the argument's claims, conclusions and underlying assumptions. 4) Think of as many alternative explanations and counterexamples as you can.

What is Privatisation 10th?

Privatization is the act of transferring or passing the ownership or the control of a government company, factory, etc. to under a private control i.e. under a private ownership. In such a case, government can no more have ownership rights over the company, factory, institution, industry, etc.

What is machine in electrical engineering?

In electrical engineering, electric machine is a general term for machines using electromagnetic forces, such as electric motors, electric generators, and others.

What is written test in education?

Written tests are tests that are administered on paper or on a computer (as an eExam). A test taker who takes a written test could respond to specific items by writing or typing within a given space of the test or on a separate form or document.

What is general solution of trigonometric functions?

Solutions for Trigonometric Equations

are solutions of the given equation. Hence, the general solution for sin x = 0 will be, x = nπ, where n∈I. Similarly, general solution for cos x = 0 will be x = (2n+1)π/2, n∈I, as cos x has a value equal to 0 at π/2, 3π/2, 5π/2, -7π/2, -11π/2 etc.

What is 12th Feb in Valentine Week?

February 12, Hug Day

We often show our affection and love to our loved ones by hugging them tightly. So, with hug day on February 12, it is time to show them some affection as well. Gift your crush this beautiful hug day gift and hug her tightly and let her feel safe and secure in your arms.

How is chemistry used in microbiology?

Microbiological Chemistry and Geomicrobiology encompasses the molecules and chemical reactions that govern microbiological processes facilitated by microbes, including those involved in biogeochemical cycles and microbe-rock/mineral, microbe-microbe, microbe-plant and microbe-animal interactions.

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