How Many Dc Shows Are There?

five shows

Which of the following application DC series motor is used Mcq?

Right Answer is:

So DC motor provides high starting torque which is required to start a car.

What is DC starter?

Starters are used to protect DC motors from damage that can be caused by very high current and torque during startup. They do this by providing external resistance to the motor, which is connected in series to the motor's armature winding and restricts the current to an acceptable level.

What is NVC coil?

The No Voltage Coil (NVC) is called NO-VOLT or UNDERVOLTAGE protection of the motor. Without this protection, the supply voltage might be restored with the handle in the RUN position. The full line voltage is directly applied to the armature. As a result, a large amount of current is generated.

What will happen if the back emf of DC motor vanishes?

Detailed Solution. If back emf of a dc motor vanishes suddenly, motor circuit will try to retain back emf by drawing more current from supply. As the back emf vanishes zero, the whole supply voltage appears across armature and heavy current flows.

What is the series motor and connection?

A series wound DC motor like in the case of shunt wound DC motor or compound wound DC motor falls under the category of self-excited DC motors, and it gets its name from the fact that the field winding in this case is connected internally in series to the armature winding.

What is a series motor?

A series motor is a direct current motor that has two windings that are in series, with the same current flowing through each. Use of series motors is generally limited to cases where a heavy power demand is necessary to bring the machine up to speed, as in the case of certain elevator and hoist installations.

What DC series motor is that which?

Series DC motors are a group of self-excited DC motors in which the field coil is connected in series to the armature winding and thus a higher current passes through it. A series DC motor mission is to turn the electrical energy into mechanical one based on electromagnetic law.

Where is series motor used?

Series DC motors are generally used where high starting torque is required, and speed variations are possible. These types of direct connection motors are, for instance, used in the traction system, cranes, air compressors, vacuum cleaners, sewing machines, etc.

Why series motor is never started on no load?

This can be seen from the speed-armature current and the speed-torque characteristics that on low armature current and low torque condition motor shows a tendency to rotate with dangerously high speed. This is the reason why series motor should never be started on light loads or no load conditions.

How many DC shows are there?

five shows

Which statement is correct about DC series motor Mcq?

Which statement is correct about DC series motor? Explanation: When field winding is connected in series it has to be of made by thick wire. When field winding is connected in parallel it has to be of made by thin wire. So, thick wire is used with less number of turns while thin one is used with more number of turns.

Which of the following line is the safest Mcq?

Explanation: As soderberg line is the most safest line, the cost required to design according to this criteria will be more, followed by goodman line and gerber parabola.

Which motor is more efficient Mcq?

Two pole motor has better efficiency. Two pole motor has better rpm and noise performance.

How many circuits are design in the machines Mcq?

Explanation: There are 5 parts involved in the design of the machine. They are magnetic circuit, electric circuit, dielectric circuit, thermal circuit, mechanical parts.

What determines the output of a DC electric machine Mcq?

10. What determines the output of a dc electric machine? Explanation: The dc electric machine output is the product of Total Magnetic loading, Total Electric loading, and speed in rps. Thus the output depends on total loadings.

What is space factor in electrical machine design?

The stacking factor (also lamination factor or space factor) is a measure used in electrical transformer design and some other electrical machines. It is the ratio of the effective cross-sectional area of the transformer core to the physical cross-sectional area of the transformer core.

Which factor is considering for designing the foundation of electrical machines?

The basic components of all electromagnetic apparatus are the field and armature windings supported by dielectric or insulation, cooling system and mechanical parts. Therefore, the factors for consideration in the design are, Magnetic circuit or the flux path: Should establish required amount of flux using minimum MMF.

What is factor of safety Mcq?

Explanation: Factor of safety is defined as ratio of ultimate stress and working stress.

What is the first element of design?

The first and most basic element of design is the line. In design, a line is any two connected points. These lines can be straight or curved, and may be smooth, rough, continuous, broken, thick, or thin.

What is the standard length of shaft?

around 45.5 inches

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