Is Oracle Distributed Database?

A distributed database system allows applications to access data from local and remote databases. In a homogenous distributed database system, each database is an Oracle database.

What are the key characteristics of a distributed architecture?

Key characteristics of distributed systems

  • Resource sharing.
  • Openess.
  • Concurrency.
  • Scalability.
  • Fault Tolerance.
  • Transparency.

How many types of distributed databases are there?

These sites do not share any physical component. There are two types of distributed databases. Homogenous distributed database. Heterogeneous distributed database.

What is distributed database design?

Definition. Distributed database design refers to the following problem: given a database and its workload, how should the database be split and allocated to sites so as to optimize certain objective function (e.g., to minimize the resource consumption in processing the query workload).

What are the three main characteristics of distributed DBMS?

A DDBMS, therefore, has the following characteristics:

  • a collection of logically related shared data.
  • n the data is split into a number of fragments.
  • fragments may be replicated.
  • fragments/replicas are allocated to sites.
  • the sites are linked by a communications network.
  • the data at each site is under the control of a DBMS.

What is the difference between homogeneous and heterogeneous distributed database system?

In Homogenous distributed database system, the data is distributed but all servers run the same Database Management System (DBMS) software. In Heterogeneous distributed databases dissimilar sites run under the control of different DBMSs.

Is Oracle distributed database?

A distributed database system allows applications to access data from local and remote databases. In a homogenous distributed database system, each database is an Oracle database.

What are the features of distributed database?

Some general features of distributed databases are:

  • Location independency - Data is physically stored at multiple sites and managed by an independent DDBMS.
  • Distributed query processing - Distributed databases answer queries in a distributed environment that manages data at multiple sites.

What is data fragmentation in distributed database?

Fragmentation is a process of dividing the whole or full database into various subtables or sub relations so that data can be stored in different systems. The small pieces of sub relations or subtables are called fragments.

What are the different placement strategies followed in a distributed system?

Placement strategies are: • Mapping of services to multiple servers; • caching; • Mobile code; • Mobile agents. >

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