The First Daily Newspaper Of Odisha: A Look Back At History

The First Daily Newspaper of Odisha: A Look Back at History

The first daily newspaper of Odisha was a significant milestone in the state’s history, offering a platform for news, discussions, and opinions to be shared. This article will take a look back at the history of the first daily newspaper of Odisha, the significant role it played in the state’s development, and the impact it had on Odisha’s society and culture.

The Early History of Newspapers in Odisha

The first daily newspaper of Odisha was preceded by a number of other newspapers that had been published in the state. The earliest attempt to produce a newspaper in Odisha was in 1867, when the Sambalpur Hitaisini was established. This was followed by the Cuttack Samachar in 1868, the Utkal Deepika in 1874, and the Ganatantra in 1875. These newspapers were published mostly in the regional language, and aimed to provide news, opinions, and commentary on the current political and social events in Odisha. Despite these publications, the first daily newspaper of Odisha was not established until 1885.

The Establishment of the First Daily Newspaper of Odisha: The Sambad

The first daily newspaper of Odisha was the Sambad, which was established in 1885 by one of the state’s leading freedom fighters and social reformers, Gourishankar Ray. He chose the name ‘Sambad’ in honor of the Hindu goddess of prosperity, Laxmi, who is also referred to as "Sri Sambada". Ray was a staunch believer in the importance of newspapers and their role in providing information that would help to promote the development of Odisha. He wanted to create a platform where the people of Odisha could express themselves and have their opinions heard.

The Sambad played a significant role in the development of Odisha and its society and culture. It provided an outlet for the dissemination of news and opinions, and also served as a platform for debates and discussions on various topics. It was an important source of information for the people of Odisha, and it helped to keep the citizens informed about what was happening in the state. The Sambad also served to inspire and motivate people to work towards the betterment of Odisha.

The Impact of the Sambad

The Sambad had a major impact on the development of Odisha, both politically and socially. It provided a platform for freedom fighters and social reformers to discuss their ideas and share their opinions, which in turn helped to spread awareness and eventually bring about social change. The Sambad also helped to promote the education system in Odisha, and it was instrumental in the establishment of several educational institutions. It also helped to spread knowledge and information about the state, which helped to increase the literacy rate and improve the quality of life of the citizens.

The Sambad is still published today, and it continues to provide an important source of news and information for the people of Odisha. It is still considered to be one of the most influential newspapers in the state, and it has played an instrumental role

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