The Legacy Of Gunabhiram Barua: The Father Of Assamese Prose

The Legacy of Gunabhiram Barua: The Father of Assamese Prose

Gunabhiram Barua is widely considered to be the "father of Assamese prose". His contribution to Assamese literature is immense and his influence on the language and culture of Assam is indelible. His works have inspired generations of Assamese writers and continue to be studied and celebrated today. In this article, we will explore the life and legacy of Gunabhiram Barua and his immense contribution to Assamese literature.

Early Life and Education

Gunabhiram Barua was born in 1848 in present-day Sivasagar district of Assam. He was educated at the Cotton College, a prestigious institution in Guwahati, and later at the Calcutta University. He was an outstanding student and excelled in his studies. He was particularly interested in the languages and literature of Assam and was passionate about preserving its culture and heritage.

Literary Works

Gunabhiram Barua was a prolific writer and wrote extensively in both prose and poetry. He was an innovator in the field of Assamese literature and was the first to write in modern Assamese prose. His works laid the foundation for modern Assamese literature. His most famous works include “Kanchanjangha”, “Kutum Kumari”, “Pratima”, “Guneswari”, “Jatir Kabi”, “Achirabhar” and “Manbhanjan”. He was also a noted linguist and wrote extensively on the grammar and structure of the Assamese language.


Gunabhiram Barua's influence on Assamese literature is immense. He is credited with popularizing the use of modern Assamese prose and inspiring generations of Assamese writers. His works are still widely studied and appreciated today. He is remembered as a scholar and a literary pioneer. He is also remembered as a great patriot and social reformer, and his contribution to the independence struggle of India is remembered with much respect and admiration.


Gunabhiram Barua is an important figure in Assamese literature and culture. His works laid the foundation for modern Assamese prose and his influence on the language and culture of Assam is undeniable. He is remembered as a scholar, a patriot and a social reformer. His legacy will continue to live on for many generations to come.

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