What Are 3 Convex Mirrors Examples?

The passenger side mirror on a car, fisheye lenses, and hallway safety mirrors (used to see around corners).

How are image formed with curved mirror?

Here, light rays that originate at point O on the object strike a curved mirror and are reflected there so they converge to point I and then diverge from point I as they continue on their way. If our eyes detect these rays, we will see an image at point I. This is how an image is formed.

What are the uses of spherical mirrors in our daily life?


  • 1.To focus sunlight for heating purpose.
  • 2.To have close look during shaving.
  • 3.To produce parallel beam in car headlights.
  • Dentist and ENT doctors use it.
  • 5.It is used in torches..

What are the four types of curved mirror?

A curved mirror is a mirror with a curved reflecting surface.


  • 1 Convex mirrors. 1.1 Uses of convex mirrors.
  • 2 Concave mirrors. 2.1 Uses of concave mirrors.
  • 3 Mirror shape.
  • 4 Analysis.
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What are 3 convex mirrors examples?

The passenger side mirror on a car, fisheye lenses, and hallway safety mirrors (used to see around corners).

What are curved mirrors examples?

The most commonly occurring examples of concave mirrors are shaving mirrors and makeup mirrors. As is well-known, these types of mirrors magnify objects placed close to them. The most commonly occurring examples of convex mirrors are the passenger-side wing mirrors of cars.

What are two behaviors of incident rays for a convex mirror?

Any incident ray traveling towards a convex mirror such that its extension passes through the focal point will reflect and travel parallel to the principal axis.

What is mirror 10th?

Mirror is a shiny polished object (glass) which reflects most of the rays of light falling upon it. One side of mirror is polished with suitable material to make the other side reflective.

What are different types of spherical mirror?

We can define two general types of spherical mirrors. If the reflecting surface is the outer side of the sphere, the mirror is called a convex mirror. If the inside surface is the reflecting surface, it is called a concave mirror.

What is R in ray optics?

The distance between the focus F and the pole P of the mirror is called the focal length of the mirror, denoted by f. We now show that f = R/2, where R is the radius of curvature of the mirror. The geometry of reflection of an incident ray is shown in Fig. 9.4.

Which type of image is formed by convex mirror show with ray diagram?

The image formed in a convex mirror is always virtual and erect, whatever be the position of the object.

What are the real life applications of mirrors and lenses?

Uses of Mirrors & Lenses

  • Decorating. Because mirrors reflect light, they create an illusion of open space by doubling whatever is in a room.
  • Safety. People use mirrors and lenses for safety.
  • Vision.
  • Magnification and Science.
  • Energy and Affirmation Techniques.
  • Photography.
  • Fashion Design.

What is the nature of spherical mirror?

Image formation by spherical mirrors

Concave mirrorObject positionImage nature
3At CReal, inverted
4Between C and FReal, inverted
5At FReal, inverted
6Between F and PVirtual, erect

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