What Are The 3 Methods Of Design?

There are 3 methods of design an RCC structure:

  • Working stress method: This was the traditional method of design.
  • Ultimate load method: This method is sometimes also referred to as the Load factor method.
  • Limit state method:

How do you calculate RCC for footing?

RCC quantity in footing can be calculated by = 2 m x 2 m x 0.45 m =1.8 cum.

Which method is design for RCC structure?

1. Working stress method (WSM) This was the traditional method of design not only for reinforced concrete, but also for structural steel and timber design.

How do you calculate structure design?

Different Load Calculation on Column, Beam, Wall & Slab:

  1. Column = Self Weight x Number of floors.
  2. Beams = Self Weight per running meter.
  3. Wall Load Per Running Meter.
  4. Total Load on Slab (Dead Load + Live Load +Wind Load + Self-Weight)

How do I calculate my foundation load?

per square foot. Total load = (½ building width x Post spacing) x (5 lbs. dead load1 + snow load2) = 20' x 8' x (5 + 20 lbs. / square foot) = 160 square feet x 25 lbs. / square foot = 4000 lbs.

What is modular ratio?

Definition. Modular ratio ( ) is the ratio of the elastic modulus of a particular material in a cross-section to the elastic modulus of the “base” or the reference material.

How do you calculate footings?

How to Calculate Footing Size

  1. Determine the width and length of the cement slab in inches.
  2. Divide the width by 12 to convert it to feet.
  3. Divide the length by 12 to convert it to feet.
  4. Determine the depth or thickness that is required for the footing in inches.
  5. Multiply the width by the length and then by the depth.

How does RCC calculate column size?

RCC Column Design

  1. Fck = 20 N/mm2.
  2. Fy = 500 N/mm2.
  3. Ag = Gross area of Column.
  4. Area of Steel in concrete(Asc) = (1/100) x Ag.
  5. Area of Concrete(Ac) = Gross area of column(Ag) – Area of steel(Asc) Ac = Ag – 0.01 Ag.
  6. Ac = 0.99 Ag.
  7. Pu = Axial load on Column (600 x 1.5) = 900 KN.

What are the 3 methods of design?

There are 3 methods of design an RCC structure:

  • Working stress method: This was the traditional method of design.
  • Ultimate load method: This method is sometimes also referred to as the Load factor method.
  • Limit state method:

Which mm rod is used for beam?

Iron rod size for 2 storey (G+1) building:– According to general thumb rule, we will assume a structure of G+1 (2 storey) residential building,using standard 9″ thick walls,we should use iron rod size of 10mm as mesh bar for footing, 6nos of 12mm size used for column, 4nos of 12mm size used for beam and 10mm & 8mm iron

How is two way slab calculated?

If the longer span of the slab is ly and the shorter span is lx, then for a two-way slab, ly/lx is less than 2. If the ratio is greater than 2, it is identified as a one-way slab. The two-way slabs distribute the loads in both directions. Hence, the reinforcement is provided along shorter and longer sides of the slabs.

How do you calculate structural load?

Steel Load Calculation

  1. Size of Slab Length 3 m x 2 m Thickness 0.150 m.
  2. Concrete Volume = 3 x 2 x 0.15 =0.9 m³
  3. Concrete weight = 0.9 x 2400 = 2160 kg.
  4. Steel weight (1%) in Concrete = 0.9 x 0.01 x 7850 = 70.38 kg.
  5. Total Column weight= 2160 + 70.38 = 2230.38 kg/m = 21.87 KN/m.

What is the mix for footings?

A concrete mix of 1 part cement : 2 parts sand : 4 parts coarse aggregate (by volume) should be used for footings. Concrete must be placed within half an hour of mixing.

What is a slab plan?

Slab house plans are the easiest foundation type. They are flat concrete pads poured directly on the ground. They take very little site preparation, very little formwork for the concrete and very little labor to create.

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Magnesium oxide is used to make linings for some furnaces. It is known as a refractory material - which just means that it is resistant to heat. You may have come across this on the CIE page about ceramics. Magnesium oxide has a high melting point (2852°C) and so resists the high temperatures in a furnace.

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