What Are The Pattern Symbols?

Basics: Pattern Symbols

  • Cutting Lines.
  • Stitching Lines.
  • Double Lines.
  • Dashed & Dotted Lines.
  • Pleat Folds.
  • Buttonhole Lines.
  • Button Placement.
  • Grainline Arrow.

What does mirrored mean in sewing?

As the name suggests, mirrored pieces are pieces of the same exact shape, but cut in opposite directions, so as to be symmetrical mirror images of each other. We frequently need to cut mirrored pieces when sewing garments.

What does with and without nap mean in sewing?

“With nap” means that you cut all the pattern pieces (even the facing) in the SAME direction, and “without nap” means that you can cut regardless of the direction (just don't forget to follow the grain line though).

What does the 45 and 60 mean on a pattern?

It means the width of the fabric, some fabrics are 60″ wide and others are 45″ only, 45 inches wide is more common. Melissa.

Why should we lay out first the big pattern pieces?

Laying out your pattern on the fabric to prepare for cutting is an important step that must be done carefully and accurately for great-looking results. A well-sewn garment starts at the cutting table.

What is 2d pattern making?

A pattern is a two-dimensional diagram of a garment, drafted by what is known in the fashion industry as a pattern maker or pattern cutter. The process is also known as pattern drafting, pattern cutting and flat patterning. Once a pattern is made, it is subsequently cut and sewn in fabric to make a garment.

What are the pattern symbols?

Basics: Pattern Symbols

  • Cutting Lines.
  • Stitching Lines.
  • Double Lines.
  • Dashed & Dotted Lines.
  • Pleat Folds.
  • Buttonhole Lines.
  • Button Placement.
  • Grainline Arrow.

What does cut 2 on fold mean?

If your pattern says to "Cut 2", you'll want to fold your fabric half with your selvages together. (If you are unfamiliar with the word selvage, check out our Fabric Anatomy post.) Notice the selvages are on the right side and the fold is on the left.

What are the five pieces of the basic pattern?

Five basic pattern pieces are used for womens clothing. They include a snug-fitting bodice front and bodice back with darts and a basic neckline, a sleeve and a fitted skirt front and back with darts.

What are pattern techniques?

The two well-known methods of pattern construction are draping and flat patterning. Each solution requires slightly different resources to complete the mission. Draping is a technique for achieving a perfect look by manually shaping fabric on a dress form.

What are the three most important parts of a pattern?

The pattern itself consists of 3 main parts: the envelope – which shows you a diagram of the garment you are making and gives fabric requirements, the instruction sheet explaining how to put your item together and the pattern itself, which is normally printed on tissue paper.

How do you make a pattern?

Conclusion. To create a simple pattern, a pattern maker would have to follow five essential steps: gathering their material, taking proper measurements, adding styles and designs, grading their design, then draping it to result in the final garment.

How can you tell how old a sewing pattern is?

The easiest is when the maker has put the date on the envelope or on the instruction sheet. McCall, later McCall's, patterns are always dated. Look along the edge on the back of the envelope, or sometimes on the flap. Simplicity patterns were dated in the 1940s and into the 50s, on the instruction sheet.

What all should be kept in mind while making pattern?

Understanding the basics of pattern making will provide insight into how your garments will take shape. Take a look at some of the main elements of this art to take your initial sketches to the next level.

Table of contents

  1. Flat Pattern Drawing.
  2. Drafting.
  3. Fashion Draping.
  4. Seam Allowance.
  5. Challenges in Pattern Creation.

What is pattern manipulation?

Pattern Manipulation: The process in which you change and reshape pattern blocks to adjust the fit or incorporate a new design. Basic Pattern Set: A 5-piece set of flat patterning blocks consisting of a front and back bodice, a long sleeve, and a front and back skirt block.

Should you iron a sewing pattern?

You should iron or at least use some form to smooth out the wrinkles and creases in a sewing pattern before using it. This is due to the patterns being so compact in the envelope they often hide important details in the creases.

What four factors should you consider when picking a pattern?

What factors should be considered when choosing a pattern?

  • Matching your sewing skill to the pattern's level of complexity.
  • Filling a need in your wardrobe.
  • Choosing a design that flattens your body shape.

How can I make my cutting pattern easier?

Tips for Cutting Patterns in Record Time

  1. Use pattern weights instead of pins.
  2. Use a rotary cutter.
  3. Overlap main pieces and pocket piece so the seam lines match up.
  4. Stack the main and lining fabrics and cut them both out at once.
  5. If you're making more than one garment, cut two at once.
  6. Cut large pieces first.

What do darts do in sewing?

Darts are typically used in the bust area, waistline, and back of dresses, tops, and skirts to shape them around the body's contours. Darts enhance garments by creating style lines, which is a seam that gives clothing a unique or distinct look. Stretch fabrics do not need darts since they already provide shape and fit.

How do you find laying out patterns on cloth properly?


Tell you what direction your pattern piece should be placed on your fabric. Your grain line is always parallel to the selvage. If your pattern piece should be lay lengthwise, crosswise or on the bias, the grainline will tell you (as well as the layout guide).

How do you iron a sewing pattern?

When sewing and using tissue paper pattern pieces that are folded or very wrinkled, it is very important to press the pattern pieces with a dry iron on a low setting so they lay flat. The iron should be on a very low setting to prevent the pieces from scorching. DO NOT USE STEAM.

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