What Are The Three Types Of Indian History?

Indian History can be classified into three periods:

  • Ancient India.
  • Medieval India.
  • Modern India.

What is the timeline of ancient history of India?

The Timeline Of Indian History

9000 BCEEarly Neolithic Period
7000 to 3300 BCEMehrgarh Culture
3000 to 1500 BCE 3000 – 2600 BCE 2600 – 1700 BCE 1700 – 1500 BCEIndus Valley CivilizationEarly Harappan PhaseMature Harappan PhaseLate Harappan Phase
1400 BCEComplete disappearance of Harappan towns

Is RS Sharma important for UPSC?

Ancient India by RS Sharma

To begin with, the NCERT – India's ancient past by rs Sharma books are an essential part of the UPSC exam preparations. Besides, NCERT books are easy to understand, and it has covered all the vital topics.

What should I read in ancient history?

Sources to study Ancient History for UPSC

  • India's Ancient Past – R.S. Sharma (Indias ancient past PDF)
  • Facets of Indian Culture – Spectrum.
  • NCERT Class XI – An Introduction to Indian Art.
  • NCERT Class XI – Living Craft Traditions of India (Chapters 9 & 10)
  • Centre for Cultural Resources and Training (CCRT) official Website.

Is ancient history part of UPSC mains?

UPSC Mains:

In the mains exam, it is better defined. Modern history is present in a clear way. But ancient and medieval history is mentioned as part of art and culture.

What can I study in ancient India?

Areas needing special focus in Ancient History

Temple architecture, paintings, sculptures, etc. Indus Valley Civilization/Harappan Civilization. Social aspects of Ancient India like status of women, professions, caste, etc. Philosophy of ancient India e.g. Vedas, Upanishads, etc.

What comes under ancient India?

Ancient India

  • Period: Prehistoric to AD 700.
  • Palaeolithic Period (2 million BC – 10,000 BC)
  • Mesolithic Period (10,000 BC – 8,000 BC)
  • Neolithic Period (8000 BC – 2000 BC)
  • Indus Valley Civilisation (BC 2700 – BC 1900)
  • Chalcolithic Period (4000 BC – 1,500 BC)
  • Iron Age (BC 1500 – BC 200)
  • Mauryan Empire (324-187 BC)

What are the three types of Indian history?

Indian History can be classified into three periods:

  • Ancient India.
  • Medieval India.
  • Modern India.

What are the topics under ancient history?

The following are the important topics to study from Ancient Indian History:

  • Prehistoric India.
  • Historic India.
  • Indus Valley Civilization.
  • Vedic India.
  • Mahajanapadas.
  • Buddhism and Related Topics.
  • Mauryan Empire, Administrative Structure, Rulers and Legacy.
  • Gupta Empire, Rulers and Legacy.

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What are the 6 ways to present information?

Here are the options, and what each one is best suited for.

  • Essays. You should have a point to make before you attempt one.
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Is Case Based Reasoning?

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