What Does Cascading Of Two Transistor Amplifiers Imply Mcq?

What does cascading of two transistor amplifiers imply? Explanation: In multi-stage amplifiers, the output of first stage is coupled to the input of second stage using a coupling device.

What is the purpose of using a cascading transistor configuration?

The purpose of a cascading transistor configuration is to provide an increase in the voltage gain. The total gain of a cascading transistor configuration is the product of the voltage gains of the discrete stages.

What is meant by Miller effect?

In electronics, the Miller effect accounts for the increase in the equivalent input capacitance of an inverting voltage amplifier due to amplification of the effect of capacitance between the input and output terminals.

What is need for bootstrap biasing?

Explanation: a bootstrap biasing network is a special biasing circuit used in darlington amplifier to prevent the decrease in input resistance due to the biasing network being used. capacitors and resistors are added to the circuit to prevent it from happening.

What does cascading of two transistor amplifiers imply Mcq?

What does cascading of two transistor amplifiers imply? Explanation: In multi-stage amplifiers, the output of first stage is coupled to the input of second stage using a coupling device.

What is the cascade amplifier Mcq?

Explanation: In cascading, the output of one amplifier is connected to the input of another amplifier. It is used to increase gain while obtaining desired values of input and output resistances.

Why Darlington pair has high input impedance?

The main advantage of a Darlington transistor is the high current gain. So, a small amount of base current can trigger the transistor. It offers high input impedance which translates into an equal decrease in output impedance. It is a single package.

What are cascaded amplifiers?

A cascaded amplifier simply means multiple amplifiers lumped together into a single device. The output of one amplifier stage is connected to the input amplifier stage. It is not uncommon to see four amplifier stages in specialized amplifier ICs.

What is cascade stage?

A cascade amplifier is a two-port network designed with amplifiers which are connected in series when every amplifier transmits its o/p to the second amplifiers input in a daisy chain. The problem in measuring the gain of the cascaded stage is the non-perfect coupling among two stages because of loading.

What is cascade configuration?

Cascade Configuration. In a cascade replication, illustrated in the following figure, data from a source database is moved to a target database. That target database in turn moves the data to yet another target database. Every database that propagates the replication to another database must be designated as full peer.

What is cascade amplifier configuration?

The cascode amplifier configuration has both wide bandwidth and a moderately high input impedance. The cascode amplifier is combined common-emitter and common-base. This is an AC circuit equivalent with batteries and capacitors replaced by short circuits.

What do you mean by cascading Mcq?

Explanation: Cascades are the aggregates of stages needed to accomplish separation that cannot be attained in one step.

What is the advantage of using CB amplifier configuration in a cascading transistor amplifier?

The CB (common base) configuration provides a good high-frequency operation. The current gain, as well as the i/p resistance of the cascade arrangement, is equivalent to the related value of a common emitter single-stage amplifier. The o/p resistance can be equivalent to the common base configuration.

What is the purpose of a cascade amplifier?

The overall reason for cascading amplifiers is the need for an increase in amplifier output to meet a specific requirement, e.g., to increase the signal strength in a Television or radio receiver. Using a cascade, or multistage, amplifier can provide your design with a higher current gain or voltage gain.

What is cascade and cascode amplifier?

In a cascade amplifier, the transistors are arranged like a chain that is the output of the first transistor is connected as input for the second transistor. While in a cascode amplifier, the transistor is placed one above the other.

What are the characteristics of cascade amplifier?

The cascode is a two-stage amplifier that consists of a common-emitter stage feeding into a common-base stage. Compared to a single amplifier stage, this combination may have one or more of the following characteristics: higher input–output isolation, higher input impedance, high output impedance, higher bandwidth.

Which is incorrect about Darlington amplifier?

1. Which of these are incorrect about Darlington amplifier? Explanation: A Darlington amplifier has a very high input resistance, low output resistance, unity voltage gain and a high current gain. It is a voltage buffer, not a current buffer.

Why bootstrapping is used in electronics?

In analog circuit designs, a bootstrap circuit is an arrangement of components deliberately intended to alter the input impedance of a circuit. Usually it is intended to increase the impedance, by using a small amount of positive feedback, usually over two stages.

How do you calculate voltage gain in database?

G =10log10(P1P2). I wouldn't call this the "voltage gain in decibels." I'd rather say it's the decibel gain, calculated from the voltage gain. Sometimes, you will see a voltage gain expressed in decibel according to this formula even when the input and output impedances are different.

Why we use multistage transistor amplifiers?

The advantages of the multistage amplifier are flexibility within input & output impedance and higher gain. The multistage amplifier applications are, it can be used to increase extremely weak signals to utilizable levels. The distortion can be reduced by changing the signal within stages.

What are the important terms in multistage transistors amplification?

In Multi-stage amplifiers, the output of first stage is coupled to the input of next stage using a coupling device. These coupling devices can usually be a capacitor or a transformer. This process of joining two amplifier stages using a coupling device can be called as Cascading.

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