What Does Sergius Admit To Louka?

Sergius admits that though he loves Raina, his personality will allow him to go behind her with Louka. Louka cautions that they should move to where they can't be seen.

How does Raina define Higher love?

You little know how unworthy even the best man is of a girl's pure passion! So, from the above exchange, we can see that Raina and Sergius are romantic idealists who are together only because they share the same misguided notions about valor and war. Thus, the "higher love" they share is an illusion.

Do Raina and Sergius love each other?

In act two the audience finally meets Sergius, and it appears that Raina's family is more in love with him than she is. He is praised by her parents, and Raina still appears to be in love with him when they finally see each other.

Who is the chocolate cream soldier in Arms and the Man?


Who creates misunderstanding between Raina and Sergius?

Raina used to call Bluntschli as “ Chocolate cream soldier”. Raina & Sergius were in “higher love” but then due to misunderstandings between both of them due to Bluntschli & Louka they both started creating distance between themselves.

Who is Sergius to Raina?

Its heroine, Raina Petkoff, is a young Bulgarian woman engaged to Sergius Saranoff, one of the heroes of that war, whom she idolizes.

What makes Sergius charge successful?

In reality, Sergius acted recklessly -- committing himself to an unnecessary action that was virtually guaranteed to kill his men, and which made him look ridiculous to knowledgeable military witnesses. By sheer luck, the soldiers Sergius attacked were unable to return fire, so his charge was successful.

Who was chocolate cream soldier What was the relationship between him and Raina?

The “chocolate cream soldier” is a reference to the character of Captain Bluntschli in George Bernard Shaw's play Arms and the Man . The play is set during the Serbo-Bulgarian War of 1885. The two characters who are mainly involved are Bluntschli and Raina Petkoff. An idealistic young Bulgarian

What kind of character is Major Sergius in Arms and the Man?

Arms and the Man

Sergius is the epitome of what every romantic hero should be: He is dashing, swashbuckling, devastatingly handsome, idealistic, wealthy, aristocratic, brave, and the acclaimed hero of a recent crushing victory in a recent cavalry raid which he led.

What does Sergius admit to Louka?

Sergius admits that though he loves Raina, his personality will allow him to go behind her with Louka. Louka cautions that they should move to where they can't be seen.

Why did Sergius marry Louka?

Louka says that if she were Empress of Russia, she would marry the man whom she loves without a care for public image. Sergius pledges that Louka will be his and that he has a hold on her.

Who was Sergius Paul?

Lucius Sergius Paulus or Paullus was a Proconsul of Cyprus under Claudius (1st century AD). He appears in Acts 13:6-12, where in Paphos, Paul, accompanied by Barnabas and John Mark, overcame the attempts of Bar-Jesus (Elymas) "to turn the proconsul away from the faith" and converted Sergius to Christianity.

What is Sergius idea about soldier in Arms and the Man?

By this stage in the play—act 2—Sergius has become rather cynical about the profession of arms. Once he was quite hung-ho when it came to war, but now he believes that soldiering is "the coward's art of attacking mercilessly when you are strong and keeping out of the way when you are weak."

How does Sergius view of war differ from Bluntschli?

Answer. Answer: While Sergius regards himself as a hero of romance and bears a romantic attitude to love and war, Bluntschli is replete with practical intelligence and has contempt for romantic poses and idealistic views of things like war, heroism, love and marriage.

Why Sergius is a Byronic hero?

Sergius is often referred to as the Byronic hero or as the Hamlet of this play because he has an underlying despair about life. He clings to his idealized image of himself because he is afraid to find out who he really is.

What does Bluntschli tell Raina about Sergius?

In fact, Raina believes that "if Sergius knew, he would challenge you and kill you in a duel." Bluntschli says that he hopes that Raina won't tell, but Raina tells him of her desire to be perfectly open and honest with Sergius.

Who is Sergius Saranoff?

Sergius Saranoff is a Byronic hero in the drama 'Arms and the Man'. Shaw presents Sergius to expose the romantic idealism of war and love. But he is not merely an embodiment of a mere satiric idea.

What is the relationship between Louka and Sergius?

Louka is engaged to Nicola, the head male servant. She has a vexed if flirtatious relationship with Sergius, who engaged to Raina. Louka wants to better her social station by marrying a noble, and criticizes Nicola for having no aspirations over those of a common servant. Read an in-depth analysis of Louka.

What is Sergius disillusioned view about war?

Sergius says that war is like a “tournament” (Act II, p. 31). His idea of leading the victorious cavalry charge was a mistake from the point of view of modern warfare, for horses cannot override cannon and guns. Sergius resigns from the regiment, disillusioned that the other soldiers do not take him seriously.

How does Sergius describe himself to Loukas?

Sergius describes himself as a heroic, valiant and romantic soldier to Louka. EXPLANATION: In George Bernard Shaw's satiric play 'Arms and the Man', Shaw satirises the concept of a soldier who is glorified falsely and is nothing but a romantic fool through the character of Sergius.

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