What Is Cpct?

CPCT is corresponding parts of Congruent Triangles. If two triangles are congruent, Their corresponding sides are equal. Their corresponding angles are equal.

What is Cpct?

CPCT is corresponding parts of Congruent Triangles. If two triangles are congruent, Their corresponding sides are equal. Their corresponding angles are equal.

When we write ∠ a ∠ B we actually mean?

(a) Two line segments are congruent if they are of the same length. (b) Among the congruent angles, one has a measure of 70°, the measure of the other angle is the same that is 70°. (c) When we write ∠A = ∠B, we actually mean the measure of ∠A is equal to the measure of ∠B that is m ∠A = m ∠B.

What is the name of class 7 maths Chapter 7?

Chapter 7 Congruence of Triangles

How can I improve my Maths?

How to improve math skills

  1. Wrap your head around the concepts.
  2. Try game-based learning.
  3. Bring math into daily life.
  4. Implement daily practice.
  5. Sketch word problems.
  6. Set realistic goals.
  7. Engage with a math tutor.
  8. Focus on one concept at a time.

Which unit is poise?

A poise is the centimetre-gram-second (cgs) unit of viscosity.

How is the unit of viscosity derived?

One way to measure viscosity is to place the fluid between two flat parallel plates and slide one plate past the other. Thus, the units of viscosity are N×m m2×m ⋅s-1=N⋅s⋅m-2=Pa⋅s .

What do you mean by principal of management?

Principles of management are broad and general guidelines for decision making and behaviour. Example. Honesty, Sincerity etc. Division of work, discipline etc. Nature.

Which principles can be used as guidelines for Indian management?

They are:

  • Each soul is a potential God : Immense potential, energy, and talents for perfection as a human being have the spirit within his heart.
  • Holistic approach:
  • Equal importance to subjectivity/ objectivity:
  • “Karma Yoga”:
  • 5. “
  • Co-operation:

What is the CGS unit of viscosity Mcq?


What is the unit of viscosity and kinematic viscosity?

A common unit of dynamic viscosity is poise. (2) Kinematic Viscosity: The ratio of dynamic viscosity to density appears frequently and this ratio is given by the name kinematic viscosity. Its unit is Stoke or m2/s (1 stoke = 0.0001 m2 /s). ∴ SI unit of kinematic viscosity is m2/s.

What is the SI unit of velocity Mcq?

meter per second

What is the SI and CGS unit of viscosity?

The most commonly used unit for dynamic viscosity is the CGS unit centipoise (cP), which is equivalent to 0.01 Poise (P).

What are the principles of management in business studies?

1. Principle It refers to a statement which reflects the fundamental truth about some phenomenon based on cause and effect relationship. 2. Management Principles These are the statements of fundamental truth, they serve as a guide to thought and actions for managerial decision actions and their execution.

What is unit of viscosity Examveda?

The unit of viscosity is pa-sec or Ns/m2 or (kgm/s2)*(s/m2)=kg/sec m.

What are the 14 principles of management class 12?

The fourteen principles of management created by Henri Fayol are explained below.

  • Division of Work-
  • Authority and Responsibility-
  • Discipline-
  • Unity of Command-
  • Unity of Direction-
  • Subordination of Individual Interest-
  • Remuneration-
  • Centralization-

What is management principles and management?

Management is the process of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling an organization's human, financial, physical, and information resources to achieve organizational goals in an efficient and effective manner.

What is the SI unit of viscosity Candela Poiseiulle newton m no units?

Viscosity can be defined as the measure of a fluid's resistance to deformation at a given flow. Caused by friction within a fluid. Result of intermolecular forces between the particles within a fluid. SI unit N-s/m2 or Pa-s.

What are the principles of Indian ethos for management?

What are the Principles of Indian Ethos?

  • Know Yourself: Who are you?
  • Individual development:
  • Self Management & Self Development: Self management is voluntary i.e. has to be done on your own.
  • Holistic Approach To Life:
  • Sewa Or Service Attitude:
  • Self Sacrifice:
  • Team Spirit:
  • Present Moment:

What is viscosity Mcq?

Viscosity is the resistance of the fluid to change its shape or movement of neighbouring portions relative to one another. The viscosity of the fluid is the fluid's opposition to flow. Viscosity is measured in terms of a ratio of shearing stress to the velocity gradient in a fluid.

What are the five principles of administration?

What are the five principles of administration?

  • Unity of Command.
  • Hierarchical transmission of orders.
  • Seperation of powers, authority, subordination, responsibility and control.
  • Centralisation.
  • Order.
  • Discipline.
  • Planning.
  • Organisation Chart.

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