What Is Expansion Formula?

The binomial expansion formulas are used to find the expansion when a binomial is raised to a number. The binomial expansion formulas are: (x + y)n = nC0 0 xn y0 + nC1 1 xn-1 y1 + nC2 2 xn-2 y2 + nC3. Cn−1 n − 1 x yn-1 + nCn n x0yn, where 'n' is a natural number and nCk k = n! / .

What is expansion formula?

The binomial expansion formulas are used to find the expansion when a binomial is raised to a number. The binomial expansion formulas are: (x + y)n = nC0 0 xn y0 + nC1 1 xn-1 y1 + nC2 2 xn-2 y2 + nC3. Cn−1 n − 1 x yn-1 + nCn n x0yn, where 'n' is a natural number and nCk k = n! / .

What is coding and how does it work?

Coding is the process of transforming computer instructions into a form a computer can understand. Every website and app operates because programmers write code. However, you do not have to work in technology to use coding. In fact, job hunters can find most coding jobs outside of the tech industry.

What are the five major fields of environmental science?

These five fields are atmospheric sciences, ecology, environmental chemistry, geosciences, and social sciences.

  1. Social Sciences.
  2. Geosciences.
  3. Environmental Chemistry.
  4. Ecology.
  5. Atmospheric Sciences. Atmospheric sciences study the Earth's atmosphere and how it relates to other systems, mostly its relation with the environment.

What are the three phases of the preparatory period?

Periodization is generally broken down into three phases: general preparation, competition, and recovery.

How do you guess someone's number every time?

Perform the "Divide by Half" trick.

  1. Tell him to multiply the chosen number by 2.
  2. Choose an even number to use yourself. Ask your friend to add this number to the one in their head.
  3. Tell them to divide the new number by 2.
  4. Tell them to subtract their original number from the equation.
  5. "Guess" the number.

How FM is generated from PM?

FM signals can be generated either by using direct frequency modulation, which is achieved by inputting a message directly into a voltage-controlled oscillator, or by using indirect frequency modulation, which is achieved by integrating a message signal to generate a phase-modulated signal, which is then used to

Which variance is always an adverse variance Mcq?

The organization budgeted 400,000 for 40,000 hours of direct labour to complete 16,000 units offinished product.

Q.----------- variance is always adverse.
B.Labour rate variance
C.Idle time variance
D.None of these
Answer» c. Idle time variance

What are the recent trends in international business?

Trends in International Business 2020

  • Environmentally-Friendly Technologies.
  • Tailored Artificial Intelligence Platforms.
  • Adoption of 5G.
  • Broader Blockchain Application.
  • Greater Need for Data Privacy & Protection.
  • Gig Economy Grows.
  • Single-Firm Outsourcing.
  • Conclusion.

What are the top 10 GK questions?

Top 10 GK Questions in Hindi

  • Question (1) किसे 'भारतीय जागृति का जनक' कहा जाता है?
  • Question (2) भारत में सर्वाधिक तिलहन उत्पादक राज्य कौन–सा है?
  • Question (3) राज्य सरकार का वास्तविक प्रधान कौन होता है?
  • Question (4) भारत में किस नदी का जलग्रहण क्षेत्र सर्वाधिक विस्तृत है?

How do you ask multiple questions in a paragraph?

Question marks replace commas

This is a grammatically correct use of the question mark. It might look awkward to some, but the laws of grammar state that when multiple questions are asked in the same sentence, a "?" can be used in place of a comma to indicate multiple questions.

What increases market equilibrium?

An increase in demand, all other things unchanged, will cause the equilibrium price to rise; quantity supplied will increase. A decrease in demand will cause the equilibrium price to fall; quantity supplied will decrease.

Why is water so valuable?

Water is the lifeblood of our economy. We rely on it for manufacturing, energy production, to transport materials across the globe, and more. One-fifth of the US economy would grind to a halt without a reliable and clean source of water.

Can I increase GRE score by 20 points?

Here's about how long you can expect to study for a particular point increase: 5 points = 40 hours. 10 points = 80 hours. 20 points = 160 hours.

When alcohol is burned the flame is Mcq?

When alcohol is burned, the flame is:


At what age do Japanese get married?

According to a statistic about the mean age at first marriage, men and women in Japan are getting married later than previous generations. In 2020, it was estimated that the average age of women who marry for the first time was 29.4 years, while men were on average 31 years old when they first got married.

What is MI and analytics?

Mi-Analytics is a highly customizable reporting dashboard that accepts data from the Mobile Impact Platform and Mi-Inspections. It can also accept data from Oracle databases and other ERP systems.

Who has prepared the first map of India?

The first geographical map of the earth was created by Maharshi Veda Vyasa, the writer of Mahabharata. The entire map of the earth was given thousands of years ago in the Mahabharata. It is mentioned in the Mahabharata that when looking at the Earth from the lunar orbital, it seems as rabbit and two leaves of Peepal.

How do you solve a box puzzle?

Here are the steps to solve wooden puzzle box with beams type:

  1. Count how many beams surround your box.
  2. Find the wooden seams along the shorter edges of your box has 2 beams.
  3. Pinch opposite corners next to the seams.
  4. Pull forward until the storage compartment slides out.

Which is the best quality of coal?


Is trigonometry a part of quantitative aptitude?

Trigonometry Formulas and Trigonometry formula Trick: Trigonometry is an important part of the Quantitative Aptitude section that gives a tough time to students with its complex formula trigonometry and questions.

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