What Is The Rank Of Iit Bombay?

Students must secure rank among the top 2,24,000* (including all categories) in Paper-1 of JEE Main, then only he/she will be eligible to get admission in IIT Bombay. A student can attempt JEE Advanced a maximum of two times in consecutive years.

What is the rank of IIT Bombay?

Students must secure rank among the top 2,24,000* (including all categories) in Paper-1 of JEE Main, then only he/she will be eligible to get admission in IIT Bombay. A student can attempt JEE Advanced a maximum of two times in consecutive years.

Which subject is best for IIT JEE?

What are the important topics for IIT JEE in 11th Standard?

  • Mathematics.
  • Probability: Being one of the most important topics, one needs to cover Conditional Probability, Law of Total Probability and Bayes theorem in detail to score maximum marks in this subject.
  • Coordinate Geometry: One needs to be thorough with Circle.

How can I study without coaching?


  1. Start your preparation with proper knowledge of syllabus and exam pattern.
  2. JEE Main Exam Pattern.
  3. Best study material for JEE Main.
  4. Important Books for Chemistry.
  5. Important Books for Mathematics.
  6. Self study is the foundation of your preparation.
  7. Practise is important.
  8. Make revision your habit from day one.

What is weightage of SHM in JEE mains?

Wave Motion and String Waves Weightage: 5% Magnetism Weightage: 6% Heat & Thermodynamics Weightage: 6%.

Is Jee a CBT?

JEE Main 2022 CBT: JEE Main February/March/April/May is organized by the NTA (National Testing Agency). There are a lot of candidates who are grappling with the fact that they will have to take the NTA JEE Main in the computer-based test (CBT) mode.

Can I prepare for JEE advanced in 2 months?

Crack JEE Main/Advanced In Two Months. JEE Main seems really hard nutshell to crack for everyone, but actually, it is not. One could crack anything with dedication and preparation in the proper direction. JEE Main is conducted in around April month in both the modes pen paper and online mode.

Is OJEE exam for btech?

Note: OJEE exam is not conducted for admission to MBBS, BDS, BE/B. Tech. The applicants will be admitted based on NEET and JEE Main respectively.

Is JEE Mains enough for IIT?

No,it isn't enough to crack jee main only to get a seat in iit. JEE main can give you seats in NITs only. You have to clear JEE advance also to get a seat in IIT.

Which is the toughest topics in JEE?

Top 7 Hardest Topics in JEE Main Physics

  • Heat and Thermodynamics. It is probably the most difficult yet one of the important topics for JEE Main Physics.
  • Mechanics.
  • Electrostatics and Magnetism.
  • Current Electricity.
  • Optics.
  • Modern Physics.
  • Electromagnetic Induction.
  • Conclusion.

What if I pass JEE-Main?

Apply to IIITs, GFTIs, and Government Colleges:

You can try and visit a student counsellor after JEE Mains results if you are confused about what to do next. However, any counsellor worth his or her salt will tell you that after IITs and NITs, applying to IIITs, GFTIs, and government colleges is your best option.

What is the benefit of JEE main exam?

Everyone needs the best. The JEE exam aspirants after cracking the exam can try to get admitted into the best of IITs, IIITs, NITs, BITS, DTU, NSUT, IIT, NIT, Manipal, PEC, Thapar, VIT Vellore, USIT, RVCE, and more institutions. Some colleges don't even conduct entrance tests but take into account the JEE rank.

Is iit the toughest exam in India?

Only the top 2,50,000 JEE Main rank holders who want to study at the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) will sit for JEE Advanced, which is considered one of the toughest exams to pass. JEE Advanced is regarded as one of the most difficult exams in the world.

Can I join NIT without jee?

Sorry but there is no option to enter NIT,IITs without qualifying JEE Mains exam. Candidates must have passed 10+2 exam after 2015 and candidates appearing for their final examination in 2019 can also apply for JEE Mains.

Is 150 good in JEE mains?

150 marks in jee is a good score . You have a decent score. You would be around 98 percentile. You would get into nits and top iiits with that percentile .

Is JEE class 11 syllabus?

JEE Main syllabus is mapped as per class 11 and class 12 NCERT textbooks to ensure uniformity across the country.

JEE Main Physics Syllabus.

Physics and MeasurementThermodynamics
Magnetic Effects of CurrentKinetic Theory of Gases
Dual Nature of MatterRadiation

How can I tackle maths for JEE?

Here are some of the steps and techniques that you can follow to clear the Math section in JEE Mains:

  1. Preparation Tips for Maths in JEE Mains 2022.
  2. 1) The Early Bird Catches the Worm.
  3. 2) Make a Proper Schedule.
  4. 3) Structure Your Syllabus.
  5. 4) List Down All Equations and Theories.
  6. 5) Refer to Different Books.

Which JEE main paper toughest?

As per the student's reaction, the paper was moderately difficult. Out of all 3 subjects, Physics was the toughest section, and Chemistry is the easiest. The mathematics section was lengthy compared to JEE Main February attempt, while Physics & Chemistry sections were at the same level.

What if I fail in JEE Advanced?

Sohail you will never lose your rank in JEE Main even if you fail to get any of the IITs from JEE Advance. If anything like that happens then you can use your scorecard of JEE mains and get admission into various top NITs and other private engineering colleges which gives admission on the basis of JEE Mains marks.

Is MHT-CET easy than JEE mains?

The difficulty level of JEE Main and MHT CET is often compared since MHT CET is said to be of the same level as JEE Main. Comparatively less competition, since the exam is of state level. The questions will be based on state board syllabus and the number of questions to answer in 3 hours is a lot more than JEE Main.

Is Probability hard for JEE?

Probability- It is also one of the most important chapters in maths for jee mains. But the questions are not very easy and should be given proper time to get to the correct answer. It can be a combination of various concepts and also requires use of topics like sets and functions.

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