What Is The Shape Of A Set Square In A Geometry Box?

a triangle

What is the shape of a ball?


What is the shape of ball answer?

Answer. the shape of ball is spherical .

What is 3D object?

An object is 3D if it is has three dimensions: length, breadth and height.

What a geometry box contains?

A geometry box is a set of basic equipment required for regular use in basic geometrical diagram and graphs. The basic geometry box consists of a compass, a 15cm ruler, a divider, 2 set squares and a protractor.

What is the shape of a book?

Why Books Have Always Been Shaped Like Rectangles.

What shape is your instrument box a brick?


What is the shape of a set square in a geometry box?

a triangle

What shape is a instrument box?


What is the type of instrument is having rectangular shape?

The typical box zither is a rectangular or, more often, trapezoid-shaped hollow box, with strings that are either struck with light hammers or plucked.

What 3d shape is a your instrument box B a ball?

(a) Shape of instrument box is cuboid.

What is instrument box?

Mathematical Instrument Box are useful in geometry and other allied subjects projects. These boxes contain protractror, divider, compass, 2 set angles, sharpener, eraser, pencil and a 15 cm ruler. The box is designed specifically to fit in all these products easily.

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