What Is The Softest Mineral?


What is the softest mineral?


What is our mother tongue in Philippines?

The current constitution declares both English and Filipino (Tagalog) to be the official languages of the country, as both are spoken in metro Manila, the nation's capital.

Do you need a resistor with a capacitor?

Capacitors do not always need a resistor, it depends upon the circuit. In the circuit shown, the capacitor will initially draw a lot of current if it is originally discharged. Drawing a lot of current from a battery or a power supply may not be a problem.

What is the definition of terminology in chemistry?

Each compound or element in a chemical equation .

How do I choose a project topic in economics?

How To Pick A Topic For Your Economics Research Project Or Master's Thesis

  1. Make sure it's something you're interested in.
  2. Get inspired by previous students' projects.
  3. Ask your lecturers or supervisor for advice.
  4. Pick something original, but not too obscure.
  5. Choose a small and specific topic.

What is the difference between computer and computing?

As nouns the difference between computing and computer

is that computing is (literally) the process or act of calculation while computer is .

What is it computation sheet?

The Computation Report displays the Employee wise Income Tax Computation details in the Form 16 format. Along with the Total Tax payable, it also displays the balance tax payable, tax already paid and tax amount to be deducted in the subsequent month.

What are the disadvantages of mechanical engineering?

Another downside a mechanical engineer faces is the unpredictability of his workload. Engineering work usually varies from week to week. For instance, in a manufacturing plant, a mechanical engineer does routine maintenance and process control work in one week, while the next week sees him working on another project.

What happens if you fail an AP exam?

But what happens if you fail an AP exam? Basically, nothing happens if you fail an AP exam. Whether you get a passing or failing AP exam grade, you can still go to college. Colleges do not take a look at the AP exam as the only a criterion for accepting or rejecting a student.

Who is the father of soil physics?

Miller, a 'founding father' of soil physics, dies at age 91.

How do you use cis and trans?

So if two groups are on the same side of a ring, we use the same word : cis to describe it. And if they're on the opposite side, we use the word “trans” to describe it.

What is the Cold rate of a battery Mcq?

The cold rate of a battery is the current which the battery can supply continuously for 30 seconds with minimum cell voltage 1.2 V.

What is vendor reconciliation?

Vendor reconciliation refers to the reconciliation of a vendor's account with the statement provided by the vendor. This reconciliation of vendor statements requires matching vendor invoices with the entity's system.

What is stereochemistry chirality?

A chiral molecule or ion exists in two stereoisomers that are mirror images of each other, called enantiomers; they are often distinguished as either "right-handed" or "left-handed" by their absolute configuration or some other criterion.

What is the nature of aniline?

Aniline is basic in nature.

Is Pi the circle?

of a Circle. The circumference divided by the diameter of a circle is always π, no matter how large or small the circle is!



What are the advantages of planning?

Recognizing the Advantages of Planning

  • Gives an organization a sense of direction.
  • Focuses attention on objectives and results.
  • Establishes a basis for teamwork.
  • Helps anticipate problems and cope with change.
  • Provides guidelines for decision making.
  • Serves as a prerequisite to employing all other management functions.

What are the steps needed for sustainable development in India Class 12?


  • i. Population Control Measures. India has promoted various measures to arrest population explosion.
  • ii. Use of Environment Supportive Fuel.
  • iii. Use of Solar and Wind Energy.
  • iv. Recycling and Ban on Plastic Bags.
  • v. Pollution Tax and Fines.
  • vi. Use of the Input Efficient Technology.

Is logic the same as reasoning?

The primary difference between logic and reason is that reason is subject to personal opinion, whereas logic is an actual science that follows clearly defined rules and tests for critical thinking. Logic also seeks tangible, visible or audible proof of a sound thought process by reasoning.

What are the five physical divisions of India write in brief about the Indian islands?

India may be divided broadly into five physical units -The Great Mountains of the north; The north Indian plain; The Peninsular Plateau; The coastal plains; The Islands.

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