What Is Torque Of The Motor?

In simple terms, the definition of torque is the engine's rotational force. It differs from horsepower as it refers to the amount of work an engine can exert, while horsepower defines how quickly that work can be delivered. It's why torque is often referred to in layman's terms as 'pulling power', 'oomph', or 'grunt'.

What is torque of the motor?

In simple terms, the definition of torque is the engine's rotational force. It differs from horsepower as it refers to the amount of work an engine can exert, while horsepower defines how quickly that work can be delivered. It's why torque is often referred to in layman's terms as 'pulling power', 'oomph', or 'grunt'.

What is basic computer syllabus?

Knowing computer: What is Computer, Basic Applications of Computer; Components of Computer System, Central Processing Unit (CPU), VDU, Keyboard and Mouse, Other input/output Devices, Computer Memory, Concepts of Hardware and Software; Concept of Computing, Data and Information; Applications of IECT; Connecting keyboard

What is Somatotyping in criminology?

Somatotype theory is one of the biological theories of criminology and is considered to be included in the biological school of criminology. Somatotyping is the classifying of people into types according to body build.

Is engineering drawing tough?

Engineering drawing may be about technical drawings but it is one of the toughest subjects, ask any engineering student and you will know. A sound knowledge of drawing is vital otherwise its a tough road ahead with the subject.

What is the scope of internal trade?

Internal trade is a part of the trade. It includes buying and selling of goods within the country. Internal trade is further divided into two parts. Wholesale Trade: Wholesale trade is a trade conducted on a large scale.

Why biology is very difficult?

Biology and Biology majors are hard because of the vast amount of information required to learn but also involves a lot of unfamiliar concepts (some of which are difficult) and require mastering an unfamiliar vocabulary (which is true of any science).

How do project managers prepare time and cost estimates for their projects?

Break down the project into activities and then further into smaller tasks, then estimate each task. Take a look at similar projects you've done in the past and how many hours they took. Then calculate the average. For example, project one took 5 hours and project two took 10 hours.

How is respiration in plants and respiration in animals different?

Respiration in Animals

Rate of respiration is comparatively faster. One of the end products obtained is ethanol. Respiratory organs in the plants are stomata in leaves, lenticels and surface of roots. Large quantity of heat is released.

What are types of client scripts in Servicenow *?

Client Scripts come in four basic types: onLoad , onChange , onSubmit , and onCellEdit . Each type runs under different conditions, and often has a different use than the others.

Can Maths exist without science?

No science can do itself without the existence of mathematics; it is the language of communication in the world that any specialist can understand, but scientists and especially mathematical philosophers have not been able to define it. Related to this science. Mathematics is considered a science.

Which soil is also known as regur soil Class 10?

Black soil

What is the difference between procedures and processes?

The difference between processes and procedure is quite substantial – a process is more surface-level. It's used by management to analyze the efficiency of their business. A procedure, on the other hand, is a lot more detailed, as it includes the exact instructions on how the employee is supposed to carry out the job.

What is the difference between tautologies and contradiction with example?

A tautology is a statement that is true in virtue of its form. Thus, we don't even have to know what the statement means to know that it is true. In contrast, a contradiction is a statement that is false in virtue of its form.

2.10: Tautologies, Contradictions, and Contingent Statements.

AB(A v B) ⋅ (~A ⋅ ~B)

What is news explain?

News is information about current events. This may be provided through many different media: word of mouth, printing, postal systems, broadcasting, electronic communication, or through the testimony of observers and witnesses to events. News is sometimes called "hard news" to differentiate it from soft media.

What are stereoisomers give examples?

Stereoisomers are molecules that have the same molecular formula and differ only in how their atoms are arranged in three-dimensional space and the stereoisomer category has several further subcategories. Two main types of stereoisomers are geometrical isomers and optical isomers.

What are the principles of resource design in education?

Principles of resource design, e.g. meeting learning needs, VAK, positive contribution to consolidating learning, fit-for- purpose, links to preferred learning styles, addressing learning domains (Bloom), sufficient quality and quantity, current content, simple measure of gobbledygook, i.e. SMOG test readability,

What is Euclid's approach to mathematics?

Euclidean geometry is a mathematical system attributed to ancient Greek mathematician Euclid, which he described in his textbook on geometry: the Elements. Euclid's approach consists in assuming a small set of intuitively appealing axioms, and deducing many other propositions (theorems) from these.

Why resistance is low in forward biasing?

Solution : A small increase in forward voltage across p-n junction shows large increase in forward current. Hence the resistance `(="voitage /current")` of p-n junction is low when forward biased.

Why is circle important in our life what would the world be like without circles?

Life without circles would be as a square. All the planets including earth would not exist in a circular shape. There would be no movement of wheels of cars and bicycles on the road. Also scientific terms like rolling friction would not exist.

What are the main components of a hydraulic system?

Hydraulic components are the basic components of hydraulic system equipment, divided into four categories: hydraulic pumps, control valves, actuators and hydraulic accessories.

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