What Word Does Not Go With The Four?

Answer: Dough, as it's spelt /dow/ while the others have /-nuf/ syllable in them.

What is a social gathering or party?

A social gathering or dance party space is a large open location that is suitable for larger groups to congregate and participate in dancing and socializing.

What is an informal gathering?

Those that are not organized, such as the people attending market on a particular day, are informal gatherings.

What do you mean by artificial language?

Definition of artificial language

: a language devised by an individual or a small group of individuals and proposed for an international language or for some more specific purpose (such as aptitude testing) but not functioning as the native speech of its users — compare natural language.

What is a social gathering called?

In this page you can discover 7 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for social gathering, like: get-together, party, social affair, soiree, function, affair and social.

What word is walkway?

Here are some words translated from an artificial language. Which word could mean "walkway"? Explanation: Migen means cup; lasan means board; poen means walk; cuop means pull; and dansa means man.

Which situation is the best example of a informal gathering?

Explanation: After getting some good news, Jeremy and a few friends casually get together for a drink after work, thereby having an informal gathering.

What are examples of informal groups?

Informal Groups

There are people who have lunch together, carpool and play together and maybe work together. These informal groups emerge for a variety or reasons -- common interests, language or other personal relationships.

Which number will replace the question mark in the following?


20.Which one will replace the question mark ?
A. 94 B. 76 C. 16 D. 73 Answer: Option A Explanation: (4)2 + (2)2 + (1)2 = 21 and (5)2 + (3)2 + (8)2 = 98 Therefore (6)2 + (7)2 + (3)2 = 94. View Answer

Which word could mean yellow flower?


What word does not go with the four?

Answer: Dough, as it's spelt /dow/ while the others have /-nuf/ syllable in them.

Which word does not belong to others rose lotus marigold petals?

3) Which word does not belong to others? Explanation: Rose, lotus, and marigold are different types of flowers and petal is a part of the flower.

Which situation below is the best example of establishing a power of attorney?

Which situation below is the best example of Establishing a Power of Attorney? Louise is selling her house and she hires a lawyer to review the contract. Simone's mother can no longer get to the bank to cash her checks and make deposits, so she has taken legal steps to enable Simone to do these things for her.

What is matching definition in reasoning?

This type of reasoning questions consists of a definition followed by four choices. You have to choose one option that is a perfect example of the given definition. 1) It is called Restitution when you compensate someone for damaging his or her property in some way.

Which word could mean ceiling tile?


What word does not belong with others?

Hence, the correct answer is "Angle".

What is the meaning of Jalkagunn?

Answer: Option A. Explanation: Jalka means happy;moftimeans birthday; hoze means party; mento means good; and gunn means the suffix –ness.

Which word will appear fourth in the dictionary?

Solitude will appear fourth in the dictionary.

Which word could means cloud nine?

Which word could mean “cloud nine”? Solution: Hapl mean cloud; lesh means burst; srench means pin; och means ball; and resbo means nine.

Which word could mean bright sky?


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