Which Energy Comes From Sun Mcq?

Explanation: Solar energy is radiated from the sun in the form of electromagnetic waves of shorter wavelength of 0.2 to 0.4 micrometers.

What is the SI unit of the solar constant?

Appendix D: Physical Constants and Conversion Factors

ConstantSI units
Solar constant (Hex)1366.1 W m2 (instantaneous value)
4.918 MJ m2 h1 (integrated value over 1 h)
Earth's radius (r0)6.37 × 106 m
Sun's radius (rs)6.96 × 108 m

How solar energy is renewable?

Solar energy is radiant light and heat from the Sun, and can be harnessed using a range of technologies such as solar heating, solar photovoltaic and solar thermal electricity. Solar energy is a renewable source of energy that is sustainable and totally inexhaustible, unlike fossil fuels that are finite.

What is the source of solar energy?

the sun

What is concentrated solar panel Mcq?

What are concentrated solar powered systems? Explanation: Large area of sunlight is concentrated onto a receiver.

What is the main source of energy Mcq?

The thermal efficiency of solar is close to 50%. Solar energy is the ultimate source of energy for almost all living organisms.

What is a solar collector Mcq?

Explanation: A solar collector is a system to collect heat by absorbing sunlight and use it for various applications. It is neither a system to collect rainwater nor electricity. However, it could be used to perform such processes.

How do you introduce solar energy?

Solar energy is the energy obtained by capturing heat and light from the Sun. Energy from the Sun is referred to as solar energy. Technology has provided a number of ways to utilize this abundant resource. It is considered a green technology because it does not emit greenhouse gases.

Why solar energy is important?

The sun provides more than enough energy to meet the whole world's energy needs, and unlike fossil fuels, it won't run out anytime soon. As a renewable energy source, the only limitation of solar power is our ability to turn it into electricity in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Which solar cell has highest efficiency?

Top 10 most efficient solar panels *

1SunPower22.8 %
2Canadian Solar22.5 %
3LG22.3 %
4Panasonic22.2 %

Which energy comes from sun Mcq?

Explanation: Solar energy is radiated from the sun in the form of electromagnetic waves of shorter wavelength of 0.2 to 0.4 micrometers.

Which chapter is electromagnetic waves?

Electromagnetic Waves Class 12 Notes Chapter 8.

What is common among electromagnetic waves?

All electromagnetic waves: are transverse waves; can travel through a vacuum ; travel at exactly the same speed in a vacuum, the speed of light, 300,000,000 m/s.

What is a good source of energy Chapter 14?

Sun: The energy obtained from the sun is known as solar energy. It is produced by the fusion of hydrogen into helium, fusion of helium into other heavy metals and it continues. A large amount of hydrogen and helium is available in the sun which will never be exhausted. Hence, solar energy is renewable source of energy.

What is an example of electromagnetism?

Examples of electromagnetic waves traveling through space independent of matter are radio and television waves, microwaves, infrared rays, visible light, ultraviolet light, X-rays, and gamma rays.

Do electromagnetic waves require a medium?

Electromagnetic waves differ from mechanical waves in that they do not require a medium to propagate. This means that electromagnetic waves can travel not only through air and solid materials, but also through the vacuum of space.

Do microwaves use resonance?

The microwaves in a microwave oven are created by a device called a magnetron, which is a resonant cavity that causes current to naturally oscillate at high frequency, and thereby emit electromagnetic waves.

Does solar energy work at night?

While solar panels can still function on cloudy days, they cannot work at night. The reason for this is simple: Solar panels work because of a scientific principle called the photovoltaic effect, wherein solar cells are activated by sunlight, generating electrical current.

What are the 5 types of energy sources?

There are five major renewable energy sources

  • Solar energy from the sun.
  • Geothermal energy from heat inside the earth.
  • Wind energy.
  • Biomass from plants.
  • Hydropower from flowing water.

What are electromagnetic waves Toppr?

Electromagnetic waves are synchronized oscillations of electric and magnetic fields that propagate at the speed of light through a vaccum. The oscillations of the two fields are perpendicular to each other and perpendicular to the direction of energy and wave propagation, forming a transverse wave.

What chapters are there in electrostatics?

Unit I: Electrostatics

  • Chapter 1: Electric Charges and Fields.
  • Chapter-2: Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance.
  • Chapter 3: Current Electricity.
  • Chapter 4: Moving Charges and Magnetism.
  • Chapter 5: Magnetism and Matter.
  • Chapter 6: Electromagnetic Induction.
  • Chapter 7: Alternating Current.
  • Chapter 8: Electromagnetic Waves.

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