Which Is The National Anthem Of Pakistan?

Qaumī Tarānāh

Which is the national anthem of Pakistan?

Qaumī Tarānāh

Which language is Indian national anthem?


What does the Brady's test detect?

Brady's test

2,4-Dinitrophenylhydrazine can be used to qualitatively detect the carbonyl functionality of a ketone or aldehyde functional group. A positive test is signaled by a yellow or red precipitate (known as a dinitrophenylhydrazone): RR'C=O.

Who are eligible for clerk exam?

The candidate must be 20-28 years old. The candidate must possess the minimum qualification requirement of a graduate before applying for clerk cadre. He/She must hold a valid degree from a recognised State or Central University. The candidate must not hold any criminal record while applying for the exam.

Who authored 1857?

Notes: The book, "Eighteen Fifty Seven-1857" was written by well-known historian Surendra Nath Sen, with a foreward by Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad.

What is Rutherford scattering experiment?

Rutherford's Alpha Scattering Experiment

Rutherford, in his experiment, directed high energy streams of α-particles from a radioactive source at a thin sheet (100 nm thickness) of gold. In order to study the deflection caused to the α-particles, he placed a fluorescent zinc sulphide screen around the thin gold foil.

What is hydrocarbon in which chapter?

• Hydrocarbon. A compound of carbon and hydrogen is known as hydrocarbon.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the balance sheet?

The balance sheet is used internally to help manage the company and externally to report the company's financial condition. The advantages of the balance sheet involve the important information it conveys; however, the use of outdated values for certain assets is a major disadvantage.

What's a credit note in accounting?

A credit note is effectively a negative invoice - it's a way of showing a customer that they don't have to pay the full amount of an invoice. A credit note might either cancel an invoice out completely if it's for the same amount as the invoice, or it might be for less than the invoice.

What are the 5 components of communication?

A basic communication model consists of five components: the sender and receiver, the medium that carries the message, contextual factors, the message itself, and feedback. To target your messages effectively, you need to consider the variables that can affect each of the components in the model.

Can a 4 year old do addition?

We found children were able to do non-symbolic addition at age 4 and they were able to do symbolic addition at age 5. Children's accuracy of symbolic addition increased greatly after receiving formal school education, and it even exceeded the non-symbolic skills at 7 years old.

How do you create a constructor?

There are two rules defined for the constructor.

  1. Constructor name must be the same as its class name.
  2. A Constructor must have no explicit return type.
  3. A Java constructor cannot be abstract, static, final, and synchronized.

Can a foreign key reference another foreign key?

A foreign key can reference any field defined as unique. If that unique field is itself defined as a foreign key, it makes no difference. A foreign key is just to enforce referential integrity.

What are the 5 ways of learning?

There are five established learning styles: Visual, auditory, written, kinesthetic and multimodal. Kinesthetic learners have to do something to get it, while multimodal learners shift between different techniques.

What is motion explain with example?

We can define motion as the change of position of an object with respect to time. A book falling off a table, water flowing from the tap, rattling windows, etc all exhibit motion. Even the air that we breathe exhibits motion! Everything in the universe moves.

What are examples of formal education?

Formal learning is also called structured learning or synchronous learning. Examples of formal learning include classroom instruction, web-based training, remote labs, e-learning courses, workshops, seminars, webinars, etc.

What is the banker's discount if the true discount on a bill of Rupees 540 is rupees 90?

Therefore, banker's discount = Rs. 108.

What shareholder means?

A shareholder is any person, company, or institution that owns shares in a company's stock. A company shareholder can hold as little as one share. Shareholders are subject to capital gains (or losses) and/or dividend payments as residual claimants on a firm's profits.

What are DNA made from?

What is DNA made of? DNA is made of chemical building blocks called nucleotides. These building blocks are made of three parts: a phosphate group, a sugar group and one of four types of nitrogen bases. To form a strand of DNA, nucleotides are linked into chains, with the phosphate and sugar groups alternating.

What is the syllabus of economy in UPSC?

Here, you must cover topics such as economic growth and development, finance, banking, budget, balance of payments, poverty and related issues, population composition and related characteristics, social sector initiatives related to education, health and sanitation, and international financial institutions.

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