Which Subject Has Highest Weightage In Upsc Mains?

Elaborate. Highest weightage in GS 1 paper was given to Geography, with questions on World, Indian and Economic geography. Questions tested the conceptual understanding of the aspirant and were direct in nature. Overall the section was on the Easy to Moderate side.

Which is the most scoring optional?


Is Physics compulsory for UPSC Prelims?

One of the science related subjects in the list of optional subjects in UPSC Exam is Physics. This subject is not as popular as Geography or Public Administration. It can be taken up by those with a science or engineering background in college.

Is Physics or chemistry asked in UPSC?

Questions from Science and Technology are asked in UPSC Civil Services Prelims General Studies Paper 1 as well as in Mains General Studies Paper 3 (GS3). The science part deals with subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

Is Physics asked in UPSC?

Physics is an optional subject offered by the UPSC in the mains exam. It is a core science subject and one that can be safely opted only by graduates of physics or engineering.

Is there step marking in UPSC physics optional?

Step marking isn't there but when you have done with your answer and if you did not get the exact answer but yours steps are somewhat exact and right then UPSC allows some preferences and you got step markings,instead you don't.

Who got highest marks in physics optional Upsc?

UPSC Topper Prateek Jain: Physics Optional, 1st Attempt, IIT Guwahati.

What is the success rate of Physics optional in UPSC?

UPSC Optional Subjects Success Rate 2017

No.Optional SubjectSuccess Rate
9Medical Science10.2

Which subject has highest weightage in UPSC mains?

Elaborate. Highest weightage in GS 1 paper was given to Geography, with questions on World, Indian and Economic geography. Questions tested the conceptual understanding of the aspirant and were direct in nature. Overall the section was on the Easy to Moderate side.

How do I get shubhra Ranjan notes?

Along with notes booklets, students will be provided online access on our website https://shubhraviraj.in where Shubhra Ranjan Ma'am updates current notes for PSIR. Important Information: The Correspondence notes will be sent by courier to the address provided by the student.

What versions of Windows are still supported?


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Windows 8.18 years ago (13 Nov 2013)Ends in 8 months (10 Jan 2023)
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What does a good classroom look like?

Reasonable and necessary. Clear and understandable. Consistent with instructional goals. Built using specific positive action words (e.g. about what students should do rather than what they should not do)

What are the uses of thermochemistry?

Thermochemistry is useful in predicting reactant and product quantities throughout the course of a given reaction. In combination with entropy determinations, it is also used to predict whether a reaction is spontaneous or non-spontaneous, favorable or unfavorable.

How did Frederick Taylor change management?

While he may not have invented the scientific study of management, Taylor contributed to the use and synthesis of management by pioneering the use of time studies, division of labor based on function, cost-control systems, written instruction for workers, planning, and standardized equipment.

Which is best biochemistry or microbiology?

Biochemistry has a better scope than microbiology but both are research oriented.

What are the pros and cons of traditional education?

Traditional Classes Pros & Cons

Students learn to work under pressureThere are additional costs
They cultivate interpersonal skillsThere are is no flexibility in study hours
Students gain more confidence in public speakingThere is a narrow variety of interactions

Is biochemistry harder than biotechnology?

Therefore, For those students who don't enjoy chemistry very much, biochemistry would be a tough major as biochemistry includes a lot of chemistry, reactions, processes, and pathways. They can opt to biotechnology as there won't be as much detailed biochemistry in biotechnology.

What is bootstrapping in bioinformatics?

Bootstrapping is a self-sustaining process based on the hypothesis that the sample represents an estimate of the whole population, and that statistical inference can be drawn from a large number of bootstrap samples to estimate the bias, standard error, and confidence intervals of the parameters of significance.

How many types of study are there?

We can divide scientific studies on relationships into three main types: survey-type, observational and experimental.

Which is better BSC biotechnology or B Sc biochemistry?

Biotechnology is better than biochemistry. Biotechnology has more practical work. Biotechnology has a wider scope .

What causes loss of speech in adults?

Vocal disturbances

Your vocal cords and ability to speak can be negatively affected by a variety of activities, injuries, and other conditions, such as: throat cancer. polyps, nodules, or other growths on your vocal cords. the ingestion of certain drugs, such as caffeine, antidepressants, or amphetamines.

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