Which Word Does Not Belong With The Others * 1 Point?

Hence, the correct answer is "Angle".

What word is odd man out?

Ans: The odd one out is A. It is the only vowel, all others are consonants.

Which word does not belong with the others * 1 point?

Hence, the correct answer is "Angle".

What are two systems of accounting?

The two main accounting methods are cash accounting and accrual accounting.

How is factoring polynomials used in real life?

It is used in bond trading and mortgage calculations. The polynomial is of high order, for example, with an interest term with exponent 360 for a 30-year mortgage. This is not a formula that can be factored. Instead, if the interest needs to be calculated, it is solved for by computer or calculator.

Why is it called a decimal point?

Decimal comes from the Latin word decimus, meaning tenth, from the root word decem, or 10. The decimal system, therefore, has 10 as its base and is sometimes called a base-10 system. Decimal can also specifically refer to a number in the decimal system.

Can we do biochemistry after 12th?

To apply for BSc Biochemistry you have to complete 12th in PCB. Upon completion of the 3-year course, you can find job opportunities in the fields of food, pharmaceutical, chemical, bio-products, textiles, medicine, nutrition, environmental conservation, animal sciences, research and development firms, etc.

Why is perfect competition ideal?

In conclusion, perfect competition is often referred to as ideal market because no competitive structure will satisfy the conditions that are to be fulfilled in this competition. In real life as (1) the number of firms increases, the effect of any one firm on the price and quantity in the market declines.

Who uses most energy?


Why is it important to know factors?

Factoring is a useful skill in real life. Common applications include: dividing something into equal pieces, exchanging money, comparing prices, understanding time and making calculations during travel.

What is the most important type of chemical bond?

The most common bond in organic molecules, a covalent bond involves the sharing of electrons between two atoms. The pair of shared electrons forms a new orbit that extends around the nuclei of both atoms, producing a molecule.

What is the direction of east of north?

East is in the clockwise direction of rotation from north.

How do I do well in general chemistry 2?

Remember that General Chemistry requires more time and effort than your average college class.

  1. Understand Electrons. Chemistry is considered the study of matter.
  2. Read before the Lecture.
  3. Go to Class.
  4. Organize your Notes.
  5. Take Practice Exams.
  6. Study Every Day.
  7. Join a Study Group.
  8. Practice Solving Chemistry Problems.

Can a non medical student do biochemistry?

Yes, a PCM student can take and study Biochemistry. The eligibility criteria for admission into an under-graduate course is the marks of the 10+2 examinations with a minimum 50 percent aggregate in either PCB, PCM or PCMB. Feel free to ask doubts in the Comment Section.

How do you do factors?

To find the factors of a number using division:

  1. Find all the numbers less than or equal to the given number.
  2. Divide the given number by each of the numbers.
  3. The divisors that give the remainder to be 0 are the factors of the number.

Is it possible to achieve perfect competition?

As mentioned earlier, perfect competition is a theoretical construct and doesn't actually exist. As such, it is difficult to find real-life examples of perfect competition but there are variants present in everyday society.

Why can't I clear prelims?

It can be because you did not do enough revisions; it might be because you did not attempt enough prelims mock tests; it might be because you gave a certain subject less priority; it may be because of the pandemic effects; it might be plain simple luck of 1-2 marks in the end.

Who presented the Union Budget 2020 in our country?

Nirmala Sitharaman

What is meant by South of East?

south by east in American English

the direction, or the point on a mariner's compass, halfway between due south and south-southeast; 11°15′ east of due south.

Where is the Sun at 90 degrees?

So that in this example, if the Sun is directly overhead the Equator, light will be visible 90 degrees to each pole. If you are at the Equator, the Sun will be directly over your head -- at the poles the Sun will be on your horizon.

Is it north west or northwest?

Capitalised, North-West would be a proper noun, the name of a particular place. Without capitals it would be a region but not necessarily the proper name given to it. 'northwest' without a capital is, again, just a region (the same term can be a compass point/direction).

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