Who Is The Best Teacher Of Reasoning?

Puneet Kumar Sharma

(INDIA'S NUMBER-01 REASONING TEACHER PUNEET SIR) - Quality Content ,Concept, Passion ,Honesty, and Dedication are the main pillers of his class so you all can join this session and feel the difference.

How do you pass quantitative reasoning?

Smart and Simple Strategies for Beating the Quantitative Reasoning Section of the GRE

  2. Become familiar with the answer choices.
  3. Avoid unnecessary computations.
  4. Remember that geometric figures are not necessarily drawn to scale.
  5. Plug in numbers.
  6. Simplify the comparison.

Who is the best teacher of reasoning?

Puneet Kumar Sharma

(INDIA'S NUMBER-01 REASONING TEACHER PUNEET SIR) - Quality Content ,Concept, Passion ,Honesty, and Dedication are the main pillers of his class so you all can join this session and feel the difference.

How do you solve a quantitative problem?

Solving Quantitative Aptitude Problems - Example

  1. Step 1 : Let us understand the given information.
  2. Step 2 : Target of the question :
  3. Step 3 : Introduce required variables for the information given in the question.
  4. Step 4 : Translate the given information as mathematical equation using x and y.
  5. Step 5 :

What is quantitative aptitude with examples?

Quantitative Aptitude Questions and Answers contains concepts and test papers on many topics such as average, numbers, compound interests, partnership, problem on ages, calendar, boats and streams, clock, height and distance, percentage, pipes and cisterns, profit and loss, speed, time and distance, simple interest,

How do I start aptitude?

Here is a list of things you can do to prepare for your aptitude test:

  1. Practice Aptitude Tests: Practice of aptitude test questions will increase your performance on a real aptitude test.
  2. Research: Do what you can to find out what the test consist of.
  3. Food, sleep and exercise:
  4. Sleep and eat:

How can I improve my quantitative aptitude?

Tips to Improve Quantitative Aptitude Skills!

  1. Avoid the fear of numbers: It is high time to understand that statistics and numbers are almost everywhere around us.
  2. Work on Accuracy:
  3. Practice more:
  4. Time utilization:
  5. Work on conceptual details:

How do you solve clock questions in reasoning?

The angle between the hour hand and minute hand is = 120-110 = 10 degrees. Example 2: The angle between the minute hand and the hour hand of a clock when the time is 3:30 is: Solution:At 4:00, hour hand was at 90 degrees. The angle between the hour hand and minute hand is = 165-90= 75 degrees.

How do you solve reasoning?

Logical reasoning tips and advice

  1. Familiarity is key. Logical reasoning tests can look very complex at first glance.
  2. Have a system.
  3. Don't spend your first moments looking at the answers.
  4. Practice thinking logically.
  5. Practice makes perfect.

What is the main strategy for solving kinematic problems?

For every one dimensional kinematics problem, the steps are pretty much the same.

  • Write down every quantity the problem gives you (initial and final position, initial and final velocity, acceleration, time, etc)
  • Write down which quantity you are trying to find.

How is HTTP works Mcq?

Explanation: HTTP is a request/ response protocol where clients request information from a server and the server responds to these requests accordingly. A response is made up of a three-digit status code, some headers and some optional content.

What is voltage & current?

Definition. Voltage, also called electromotive force is simply the energy per unit charge. In other words, voltage is the difference in electric potential between two points. Current is just the rate of flow of electric charge.

What are the parts of nature?

Land, air, water, plants and animals all comprise the natural environment. Let us learn about the different domains of the natural environment. These are the lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere and biosphere.

What is CSS exam stands for?

Central Superior Service

How much do marketing assistants make in South Africa?

The average marketing assistant salary in South Africa is R 198 000 per year or R 102 per hour. Entry-level positions start at R 156 000 per year, while most experienced workers make up to R 331 200 per year.

Is a degree in actuarial science worth it?

Actuarial science degree programs are growing in popularity. Many college students are starting to notice the numerous benefits of this multidisciplinary math-related major. Those benefits include excellent career prospects in an occupation that commands a high salary and is experiencing rapid growth.

What is production function class11?

Production Function: It is the functional relationship between inputs and output in a given state of technology. Q= f(L,K) Q is the output, L: Labor, K: Capital. Fixed Factor: The factor whose quantity remains fixed with the level of output.

What is CAE exam for?

7 must-knows about the advanced English exam. Cambridge Advanced Certificate in English is a high-level language qualification in English, alongside exams like IELTS, TOEFL and PTE. Indian students can go for it, when planning to study abroad.

What are the six basic filing methods?

Filing in Alphabetical order. Filing by Numbers/Numerical order. Filing by Places/Geographical order. Filing by Dates/Chronological order.

Who funds Unicef?

UNICEF relies on voluntary contributions to uphold our mission of reaching every child. Resources to UNICEF's programmes come from the voluntary contributions of governments, intergovernmental organizations, foundations, the private sector and individuals.

What are operators in SQL?

What are SQL operators? An SQL operator is a special word or character used to perform tasks. These tasks can be anything from complex comparisons, to basic arithmetic operations. Think of an SQL operator as similar to how the different buttons on a calculator function.

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