Who Wrote C?

Dennis M. Ritchie

Why C language is called mother language?

The C is a programming Language, developed by Dennis Ritchie for creating system applications that directly interact with the hardware devices such as drivers, kernels, etc. C programming is considered as the base for other programming languages, that is why it is known as mother language.

Why was C language created?

The C language was actually created to move the UNIX kernel code from assembly to a higher level language, which would do the same tasks with fewer lines of code. Oracle database development started in 1977, and its code was rewritten from assembly to C in 1983. It became one of the most popular databases in the world.

Why C is called C language?

Quote from wikipedia: "A successor to the programming language B, C was originally developed at Bell Labs by Dennis Ritchie between 1972 and 1973 to construct utilities running on Unix." The creators want that everyone "see" his language. So he named it "C".

What is Identifier in C Mcq?

Explanation: Identifier is just a name given to a Function, Variable etc. Identifier name should contain only Letter, Numbers and Underscore.

What is C language used for?

C programming language is a machine-independent programming language that is mainly used to create many types of applications and operating systems such as Windows, and other complicated programs such as the Oracle database, Git, Python interpreter, and games and is considered a programming foundation in the process of

Who wrote C?

Dennis M. Ritchie

What is TCP IP basics?

TCP/IP stands for Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol and is a suite of communication protocols used to interconnect network devices on the internet. TCP/IP is also used as a communications protocol in a private computer network (an intranet or extranet).

Where do we use matrices in real life?

Matrices are used in the science of optics to account for reflection and for refraction. Matrices are also useful in electrical circuits and quantum mechanics and resistor conversion of electrical energy. Matrices are used to solve AC network equations in electric circuits.

How many students appear for IBPS?

A. In 2020-21, a total of 6.78 lakh candidates registered for the exam. Out of which, 4.75 lakh candidates had appeared for the exam.

What is the basis of classical fluid mechanics explain?

Classical fluid mechanics is a branch of continuum mechanics; that is, it. proceeds on the assumption that a fluid is practically continuous and homOJ. geneous in structure. The fundamental property which distinguishes a fluid. from other continuous media is that it cannot be in equilibrium in a state of.

What are concepts of functions?

A function is tied to a specific rule, formula, or computation and requires the completion of specific computations and/or steps. A function is a generalized input-output process that defines a mapping of a set of input values to a set of output values. A student must perform or imagine each action.

How long is the biology major field test?

two hours

Is a series the same as a TV show?

1- "TV show" is an episode of a series/serial/any form of entertainment, just one episode. 2- "TV series" is the total number of unrelated episodes, featuring the same characters. 3- "TV Serial" is the total number of connected episodes , featuring the same characters and a continuous plot.

Is test same as exam?

Test refers to a procedure where your knowledge is tested about a lesson. Exam refers to a procedure where your knowledge about a number of lessons is tested.

How do I type a symbol?

Inserting ASCII characters

To insert an ASCII character, press and hold down ALT while typing the character code. For example, to insert the degree (º) symbol, press and hold down ALT while typing 0176 on the numeric keypad.

How history can help us today?

The Past Teaches Us About the Present

Because history gives us the tools to analyze and explain problems in the past, it positions us to see patterns that might otherwise be invisible in the present – thus providing a crucial perspective for understanding (and solving!) current and future problems.

Is upstream against the current?

The definition of upstream is against the current, or toward the beginning. An example of upstream used as an adjective is the phrase "an upstream swim," which means a swim against the current.

Is it correct to say write an exam?

The correct way is "take an exam," not "write an exam." You're not writing the exam, you're taking it. The administrator or teacher writes the exam, the students take the exam.

What does P → Q mean?

The implication p → q (read: p implies q, or if p then q) is the state- ment which asserts that if p is true, then q is also true. We agree that p → q is true when p is false. The statement p is called the hypothesis of the implication, and the statement q is called the conclusion of the implication.

How do you change a question to indirect speech?

How to change Questions into Indirect Speech?

  1. Change the question into a Statement.
  2. Change SAID / SAID TO into ASKED (enquired).
  3. Change Conjunction word THAT into IF or WHETHER.
  4. Change of Personal Pronoun, tense and Special words.
  5. Remove commas, quotation marks and question marks.

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