Why Do People Say Odd After A Number?

According to some sources, n odd (with n a number) means slightly more than n. The above link shows: 6. 20-odd/30-odd etc spoken a little more than 20 etc: I have another 20-odd years to work before I retire.

What does it mean when you say odd years?

: for example: he lived there for 20 odd years. Odd = approximately. Merriam-Webster says it means a little over the stated amount: ODD -- somewhat more than the indicated approximate quantity, extent, or degree -- usually used in combination: 300-odd pages.

How can sum of three odd numbers be 30?

Answer. Choose 3 numbers= 13, 11 and 3!

What did odd means?

1 : differing markedly from the usual, ordinary, or accepted : peculiar a very odd way to show gratitude. 2a : not regular, expected, or planned worked at odd jobs. b : encountered or experienced from time to time : occasional manages to get in some reading at odd moments.

Is 2022 an odd or even year?

2022 is an even number.

Why do people say odd after a number?

According to some sources, n odd (with n a number) means slightly more than n. The above link shows: 6. 20-odd/30-odd etc spoken a little more than 20 etc: I have another 20-odd years to work before I retire.

Is odd a positive connotation?

From an etymological dictionary: Odd (a jut of land): something not usual or expected. Has no special positive or negative connotation.

What do you call an ODD person?

Frequently Asked Questions About odd

Some common synonyms of odd are eccentric, erratic, outlandish, peculiar, quaint, singular, strange, and unique.

What does a hundred odd mean?

100-odd means "more or less a hundred a hundred or more" It's a phrase than can be used with any number.

What is the example of ODD?

The definition of odd is different than the normal, not divisible by two or the one remaining when others are paired. An example of odd is a pink tiger. An example of odd is the number five. An example of odd is the remaining sock when one sock is lost.

What are old numbers?

Odd numbers are whole numbers that cannot be divided exactly into pairs. Odd numbers, when divided by 2, leave a remainder of 1. 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15 … are sequential odd numbers. Odd numbers have the digits 1, 3, 5, 7 or 9 in their ones place.

What does for some odd reason mean?

used to say that there is no ordinary or usual reason for something For some strange reason, we thought you weren't coming.

What does the term 20 odd mean?

"20-something" is a term popularized by a recent television show, and (if talking about people's ages) probably means well into your 20s: 25 to 29 trying to make it sound as if they're 20-odd rather than admitting their age more exactly.

What is odd and even years?

The marking of courses as available in an odd year (O) or an even year (E) refers to the whole academic year. Thus, a course scheduled for (O), odd year, would be given in an odd-starting academic year, such as 2011-2012, that fall or the next spring.

What does dozen odd mean?

Expressions like “twenty-odd years,” “a dozen-odd people,” and “two hundred-odd mistakes” are usually written with a hyphen before the “odd” to indicate that the exact number is unknown—perhaps a bit higher than the stated number.

Did Descartes fear the church?

A devout Catholic, he feared persecution from the Church all his life, yet it was in Holland where he ultimately faced accusations of atheism — a charge that could at the very least destroy his reputation — from Protestant theologians.

Did Descartes believe in a God?

According to Descartes, God's existence is established by the fact that Descartes has a clear and distinct idea of God; but the truth of Descartes's clear and distinct ideas are guaranteed by the fact that God exists and is not a deceiver. Thus, in order to show that God exists, Descartes must assume that God exists.

What did Bacon?

Francis Bacon served as attorney general and Lord Chancellor of England, resigning amid charges of corruption. His more valuable work was philosophical. Bacon took up Aristotelian ideas, arguing for an empirical, inductive approach, known as the scientific method, which is the foundation of modern scientific inquiry.

How do you pronounce Descartes in French?

The correct pronunciation of René Descartes in French can be phonetically transcribed as Ruh-neh Deh-cahrt. To pronounce his name correctly, the first mistake to avoid is to pronounce the "né" in René as "ney" and the "Des" in Descartes as "day".

What did Descartes invent?

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Who were Descartes parents?

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